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        We make Custom Crafted Ice Sculptures, Fruit Carvings And Vegetable Carvings. Take a look at our Online Store and customize your ideas.

        Please provide a strong sturdy Table with a Tablecloth and a Bucket or any other Container to catch the Water Underneath the Table.

        The price of each Sculpture may vary according to the amount of Material used to create it, the time it takes to create and the complexity of the design. 

        The Final Price Of Your Sculpture Includes,
Hand Crafted Ice Sculpture . Delivery . Set up . Drip Tray with tube attached . FREE Battery Operated Colored LED Lights.

These Are The Display Trays That We Used For Ice Sculpture Set Up
18" by 24" Plastic Tray
41" by 11" Plastic Tray
41" by 21" Plastic Tray
14" by 14" Table Centerpiece Plastic Tray

Set Up Information

14" x 14" Table Centerpiece Plastic Tray