This interview by Brandon Baiden a College student at Hoffstra University earned him an A+ as a party of his exam to become a Journalist.
These guys came to my ice carving studio from a video production company to learn more about me and how I got started as an ice sculptor

      I have been Sculpting Menorah Ice Sculptures  for Hanukkah events every December Since 2004.

      This I find to be one of the most highly appreciated work of art that I have done for any client base.

      I have done a lot of on-site carving demonstrations for different Rabbis at Ice Skating Rinks, Malls, Chabad Houses, At Parks and other places of gathering.

      Ice menorah size ranges from five feet tall to twelve feet tall by 40" wide. We carry bent branch, straight branch and curved branch menorahs.

      A hole that is 1 1/2 inches in diameter is made in each branch of the menorah for lanterns or candles to be placed in for the lighting ceremony.


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