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Ice sculptor Mark Mckenzie loading ice blocks

We start with a crystal clear block of ice which is crafted into the desired art form for your event.

The ice block which is the raw material weighs 300lbs and measures 40" tall by 20" wide by 10" thick.

To make a block of ice, pumps are submerged in a rectangular chamber with forty gallons of water. While the water freezes, oxygen, carbon dioxide and impurities are removed.

Which results into a clear block of ice. The process is called reverse osmosis. It takes four days to make and harvest a single block of ice.

To carefully make your ice sculpture we use chainsaws, chisels, die grinders with attachments and other specialty tools.

Crystal clear carving ice block for ice sculptures

We make custom crafted ice sculptures, fruit carvings and vegetable carvings. Take a look at our online store and customize your ideas.

The final price includes ice sculpture, delivery, set up, battery operated colored LED lights and a drip container to put the sculpture in.

Please provide a strong sturdy table with preferably a dark colored tablecloth to show up the ice sculpture. We provide a bucket to catch the water underneath the table.

We usually arrive one hour before the start time of the event for set up. Please have the table set up and ready for us.

Ice sculptor Mark Mckenzie
Flowers made of real vegetables
Assorted Fruit Display with Centerpiece
4ft NFL theme ice bar with luge

Here are the display trays that we use for setting up your ice sculptures. 

The clear plastic trays are disposable/re-usable

Small drip tray for setting up ice sculptures

The 24" long by 18" wide by 3" tall display tray with an attached tube at the back that goes down into a bucket to collect the water from the ice carving. This tray is use for the set up of most standard single block ice sculptures with a size range of 20" wide by 40" tall by 10" thick.

Narrow display tray for setting up ice sculpture

This is the narrow 41" long by 11" wide by 3" tall display tray that is use to set up sculptures with a size range of 40" wide by 50" to 60" tall by 10" depth. It has an attached tube at the back that goes down into a bucket for draining.

Large drip container for ice sculpture set up

The large display tray measures 41" long by 21" wide by 3" tall with an attached tube at the back that goes down into a container to catch the water from the ice sculpture. This tray is use for large ice carvings such ice platters for seafood, fruits and sushi displays among other ice sculptures.

Ice bar display drip pan

The Ice Bar display drip pan, each measuring 4 feet. long by 2 feet. wide by 5 1/2" tall. This drip pan is placed on the ground and the Ice Bar is assembled on top. Water is collected in the bottom and removed with a wet Vacuum. We join a few of these pans together for larger Ice Bar presentations.

Table centerpiece display tray for ice sculpture

The table centerpeice drip container, 14" in diameter by 3" tall. Use for small ice sculptures that are displayed in the center of the dining table. The water drains slowly into the bowl below. There is a small area in the top center for a battery operated LED light to tint the sculpture.

Bucket for ice sculpture set up

During the slow melting of the Ice Sculpture. The water is collected in the Drip Container. Then Drains down into this Bucket. By way of an attached Tube at the back of the Drip Container.

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